Edi’s Biography:

Edi Kalikawe

Edi a Tanzanian native, migrated to the United States where she earned her MBA and CPA. While still in college supporting herself, Edi always traveled back to Tanzania and participated in several events to raise awareness of the less fortunate. Edi Kalikawe was born in Tanzania, East Africa. She earned her bachelor of Finance in Botswana, which is in the southern part of Africa. While growing up in Botswana, Edi always wanted to be a teacher. She felt fortunate to have been raised and mentored by her eldest sister, Mary Kalikawe, who always taught her about being aware of the less fortunate.

In 1999 after Edi completed her MBA, she went back to her native country of Tanzania and participated in the Miss Tanzania beauty pageant under the banner of “beauty with purpose”.

While she was fulfilling the responsibilities of Miss Temeke, she was touched by the one group of people that seemed to have been ostracized and forgotten.

In 1999, Edi began to work with a leprosy settlement in Kigamboni Dare salaam. Doing very modest work as sending two primary kids to school and sponsoring several families for one meals a day.

Edi then started paying for two young girls to attend high school. Then in 2005 Edi adopted two more young women to continue with secondary school education, to the extent that the 4 young women have since graduated secondary school,

In 2014 Edi working with different partners in the USA, has since helped 4 young women and 1 young man complete post graduate studies and has 34 young kids in primary school and 8 young adults in secondary school.

Edi had always gotten her inspiration from her Mother, Ms Winifrida Kalemera, who spoke of a hope to educate young women in less fortunate circumstances in her village. When Edi’s Mom passed away unexpectedly in 2013, Edi took the button and vowed to fulfill her mother’s dream through the Winifrida Foundation. She planned to build a state of the art school in her home town to help educate these children. In 2017 the school was opened! Edi is now building a 50 bed hostel to house and mentor girls close to the school so they can focus on their studies. Edi believes that if each person did a little part, all can make a tremendous difference in the lives of those that need it the most.

I’m going to role model the energy I wish the world had.

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