Who We Are:

House of Grace NJ is a nonprofit Corporation, registered in the United States of America as a 501(C) charitable organization.House of Grace Leprosy Care Center (HOG) is the operational division. HOG is a non-denominational organization with a goal of assisting in the efforts to eradicate Hansen disease (leprosy). We provide succor to the families of people afflicted with the disease in Tanzania, Africa.  We are committed to building a bridge between the people afflicted with the Hansen disease, organizations as well as individuals who will bring about physical, financial and emotional support. Kolandoto: Kolandoto is a leper colony established in the in the late 50’s. It is approximately 9 miles from Shinyanga airport. This colony, which is designated as a Ward in the Shinyanga district, has an approximate population of 11,135 settlers. Although more than 50% of the children in this colony are not officially afflicted with leprosy, they have been stigmatized as such.

Our Vision:

The vision of  HOG is to rescue, transform and assist in rebuilding the lives of children whose parents are afflicted with leprosy  and who are consequently separated from the mainstream of the Tanzanian society with the attendant social stigma. We seek to accomplish the vision in the following ways:

  1. Improving the quality of life of families by assisting with basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter,
  2. Facilitating sustainable income generating projects on behalf of  some of  the parents who in spite of their disability can still be productive by connecting them to  micro-finance lenders

Mission Statement:

HOG is committed to raising awareness and providing financial and emotional support for the children of people afflicted with the leprosy disease and who along with their parents, are ostracized from the mainstream society as a result of the dreaded disease. We are achieving our short term objectives by building a feeding center that will provide food for approximately 500 children twice a week. Find out more information (PDF file) including Mission Statement, Strategy and Interim Budget

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