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Inspired by My late mothers wish, to educate the extremely underserved children in Bukoba, House of Grace has teamed with Biology without borders (BWB) and the Northport High school Honor society to assist a new group of 25 kids (10 in 2013 and 15 in 2014) from extremely poor families in obtaining a primary school education and eventually affording them a secondary school education. This project started in January of 2014 after the Northport high school fundraised an amount of $3,000 to fund this initiative.


Students who have received tuition and living expenses assistance from House of Grace Charity.

Good Hope English Medium School

Good Hope English Medium School officially started enrollment in 2018 and now has a total number of 134 students!! The school is located in Nyanga, Bukoba, Tanzania.

Total Number of Students: 134
Number of HOG Sponsored Students Getting Free Education: 34
Nursery School:» Girls 6 | Boys 3
Standard 1: 27 » Girls 19 | Boys 8
Standard 2: 32 » Girls 22 | Boys 10
Standard 3: 11 » Girls 7 | Boys 4

Leprosy Care Initiative

House of Grace began by helping children who lived in a leprosy colony in Tanzania. We sponsored the children to go to school and sponsored food for the parents or guardians affected by leprosy.

We have since expanded our cause to assist all children in need living in North Western Tanzania.  Good Hope English Medium School is our means to educated the children of those affected by leprosy and other children similarly living in abject poverty. 3 Children at the school are from the Kolandoto, Shinyanga leprosy colony featured below.

Nutrition and Agriculture Initiative

The House of Grace Nutrition and Agriculture Initiative was based in Bukoba and Kemondo, Tanzania during the summer of 2014. The project focused on providing nutrition and agricultural education with resources to improve food availability through home gardens. The aim of this project was to improve the overall health of women and children in the community.

The project began with an extensive questionnaire to investigate:

  1. Current feeding practices in the area,
  2. The extent of knowledge regarding basic nutrition, and
  3. Attitudes towards these practices, including perceived benefits and perceived barriers.

The project ensued with a 3-day seminar in both Bukoba and Kemondo, facilitated by a local pediatric nurse. The seminars focused on basic nutrition and how to improve nutrition through home gardening. The seminars included cooking demonstrations as well as agriculture demonstrations and were performed in a participatory, group discussion based format led by a local community leaders.

Buy Products to Support our School Initiative

These House of Grace fundraising products are for sale and 100% benefit the school children in need of uniforms, school supplies, lunch food, teachers, grounds keepers, school bus transportation & more.

We have students who are fully sponsored including their tuition. This is made possible by donations and product purchases.


The products are made in Tanzania by local artisans who meticulously hand weave colored leather and beads to form the shoes, necklaces and bracelets with a distinct African aesthetic.

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